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Customize your palette then add image galleries, speaker line-ups, videos and ticketing.

Why Flyah?

Quicker than a Squarespace – website builder tools are super powerful, but they can be daunting, complex and take a long time to perfect. Flyah simplifies everything for exactly what an event website requires.

More features than a Linktree – there comes a time when you need more than a tool like Linktree for your events. And when that time comes, Flyah is the ideal next step.

All yours unlike a Facebook Group – social media is a great place to grow your following and build community, but at some stage you'll want a place that feels like the digital home to your events. Flyah is the easiest way to make that place a reality.

A little 🖤 for Flyah

Real reviews, from event organizers like you.

“It was so much easier than any other site builder I've tried.”
Peter F.
Venue GM
“Once we'd got our imagery we could but a beautiful site together in minutes"
Aara P.
“I've wasted so much time on platforms that are too complicated and end up a total mess."
Charlie B.
Festival founder

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Create an event website in minutes
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Branded color palette
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All your questions, answered 👍

Who can use Flyah?
Anyone that is looking to create a website for their events and to sell tickets. You might run a venue, a festival or even a fundraiser and want to create a simple website that tells your customers who you are and what the event will be like.
Why use Flyah instead of Squarespace or Wordpress?
Other than the obvious difference in that Flyah is free, there are a few other key benefits.

Flyah is a lot simpler and quicker to use. Tools like Squarespace are very powerful and include endless features and functionality. But do you ever feel like there is a bit too much going on and it just slows you down and gets you in a spin? Well Flyah strips things back and just gives you what you need, so you can get a beautiful website live in minutes.

Flyah is built specifically for event organizers. The team at Ticket Tailor, who built Flyah, live and breathe events and ticketing. That means they have a pretty good idea about what’s needed and what isn’t, and focus on just the important stuff.

No code required, ever. Flyah will never require to you to have a secret skill at coding to access the most powerful features. Everything is drag, drop and input. Simple.
Do I manage my events and tickets on Flyah?
No – Flyah just provides you with a website. You’ll then need to connect to a ticketing platform like Ticket Tailor to sell your tickets.
Can I only embed Ticket Tailor events?
We (obviously) recommend using Ticket Tailor for your events, and make extra that Ticket Tailor events look great on Flyah. However, Flyah will work with other ticketing platfoms via a link to your event page.
How do I create an event on Ticket Tailor so I can link it to Flyah?
You can sign up to Ticket Tailor here. It only takes a few minutes to create an event and start selling tickets. Once you are ready you can connect your Ticket Tailor events to Flyah. Find out more information here.
What type of website can I create on Flyah?
Flyah is built specifically for creating websites for events and shouldn’t be used as a generic website builder for other purposes. We reserve the right to cancel accounts of people building non-event related websites.

We also ask that all events follow our Acceptable Use Policy (AUP), this is because we want Flyah to be a tool that enriches peoples lives and doesn’t spread hate or hurt.
Do I need any design or coding skills?
Nope. Zero. Zilch. Flyah just requires you to have the ability to drag, drop and populate simple modules, and you’ll have a beautiful website in minutes.
What modules are available when creating a Flyah site?
We’ll keep adding new modules as required, but for now you can add the following components:

‣ Full page images
‣ Header and text blocks
‣ Gallery view
‣ Speaker and line-up block
‣ Embed video
‣ Connect to event
‣ Map block
‣ Link to social platforms
Can I connect custom domain names?
Yes. You can connect your new of existing domain name to your Flyah website.
How come Flyah is free? Surely it’s not actually free.
It really, truly is. The team at Ticket Tailor built Flyah to give their event organizers a simple tool to create beautiful websites. As the friendliest ticketing platform around, they decided they’d open it up and let all event organizers use it too. After all, the events industry could do with a little help after the last few years!
More questions? Email us at and we'll do our best to answer.